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swim diary

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Track your swimming times and training sessions with Swim Diary. Goodbye pencil and paper!

fertility diary

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Are you trying to get pregnant? Let Fertility Diary increase your chances of conceiving!.

fertility diary free

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Are you trying to get pregnant? Let Fertility Diary Free increase your chances of conceiving!.

reward chart

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Reward charts are good way to encourage good behaviour with children. Reward Chart helps both the parent and the child to recognise a child's behaviour and act appropriately.

period diary

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Tired of guessing when your next period was? Let Period Diary keep track!

quick workout

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Do you want to exercise but are too busy? Quick Workout is the app for you!

healthy recipes

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Browse over 100 healthy recipes on your phone. Unlike other apps this one doesn’t require an Internet connection to gain access to the recipes.

swim workout

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Browse hundreds of advanced swimming workouts on your windows phone!

tri calc

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Tri Calc is an easy tool for estimating your overall triathlon race time

tri diary

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Looking for an easy app that allows you to keep track of your triathlon training and racing? Tri Diary is the app for you!

potty diary

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Potty Diary helps you to teach your child how to use the toilet by helping you keep a potty schedule and tracking their progress

period counter

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Period Counter is a fast and simple way to see how many days are left in your period and how many days until your next period. The app includes a live tile, so, you don’t even have to go into the app to find this information out

swim 1.5k

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Swimming is one of the best ways to get in good shape quickly. Young or old, fit or not, it can take as little as 5 weeks to swim 1500m without stopping. It requires swimming three times per week and the willingness to be somewhat uncomfortable while stretching your aerobic capability. This app contains this training program and will keep track of your successes, and provides hints to help you on your way.

FINA Points

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Calculate your swimming points using the FINA points scoring system. The FINA point scoring system allows comparisons of results among different events. You get more points for faster performances and fewer points for slower performances. A score of 1000 or more is a world class performance.