New in v2!

  • Secondary tile for super quick daily entry
  • Pin protection
  • Backup and restore service
  • Reminders for various events such as just before your period is due
  • Mood Trends Chart


  • Track periods, intercourse, symptoms, moods, fertility, weight, breast examinations, …
  • Intelligent period, fertility and ovulation prediction
  • Dashboard that indicates key period information such when your next period is due
  • Calendar that in indicates your period days and key diary information
  • Supports irregular cycles
  • Ultra customizable - change colors, symptoms, moods, calendar information
  • View graphs of your data
  • Live tile showing how many days until your next period

Wow. I thought I liked the Woman Calendar until I tried this app. It tracks a ton of information and the format is very easy to use. This app also seems more accurate than similar cycle-trackers I have tried. Great, thank you!(5 stars)

Player257638097, 2012. Jun 29, 2012

"Love it! It predicts your cycle but will adjust if your late or early. The live tile also shows ur cycle predictions and fertility but u have the option of turning either or both off live tile The best app on windows OS....believe me I've tried a lot of them." (5 stars)

DreaMissLady, 2012. Mar 4, 2012

"Great app. Would be better if it was free ;)." (4 stars)

LoveCantWait, 2012. Jan 23, 2012

"I think this is the best period tracking and recording app on WP7 in every aspects." (5 stars)

Sibylla Tzeng. Dec 18, 2011