New in v2!

  • Ability to add notes to a child
  • Ability to pin a child to your phone’s start screen
  • Full screen chart
  • Ability to specify the default amount of stars for a task


  • Award stars for tasks that your child completes well
  • Give rewards when your child gets a certain number of stars
  • Support for unlimited number of children
  • Tasks and rewards are fully customisable

"UPDATE: Excellent, and timely, response. Changed rating to five stars. So far a four star app. Have contacted developer, depending on response could become five stars...? I would like the ability to delete/edit tasks. I cannot find one. We'll see!" (5 stars)

GypsyWench. Sept 13, 2011

"Love this app! I have been unsuccessfully using a chart/star system for years. I would always forget to put the stars up, then I would forget to change the week, then I'd forget how many stars they had, then I would give up. This app eliviates all of that!" (4 stars)

SuperMattd. Aug 23, 2011