New in v2!

  • Cloud backup and restore
  • Ability to pin a swimmer to your phone’s start screen
  • Support for 25 and 1000 events
  • Training open water support
  • New standards for 2012


  • Quick and simple entry of swimming times
  • Compare your times to standards / qualifying times in your country
  • Set yourself targets
  • Quick and simple entry of training sessions
  • Supports multiple swimmers
  • Supports tracking multiple standards against a swimmer
  • Supports all pool types (SCM, SCY, LCM)
  • Training distance chart
  • Event progress chart

"This is a great app for the serious swimmer or triathlete who just wants to keep track of training yardage. Worth the price. Simple and easy to use. Graphical display of training distance by week, month and year. UPDATE: Just updated to version 2. Like Mango it is full of little but very useful updates. Remote backup and restore is probably the biggest, but there are so many. My thanks to the developers who really listened to their customers. This is now THE swimming app regardless of platform." (5 stars)

VersedShark. Feb 8, 2012

"Pretty good for tracking times according to standards. Some reason doesn't let you enter 1000yd events? Like." (4 stars)

Player933223634. Jan 14, 2012